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At American Oil and Chemical Inc. in Paramount, CA, we do not follow traditional business models or pathways required to solve the problems of an overly burdened petrochemical market. We are a multifaceted company that successfully functions in a non-traditional business model creating or finding markets for petroleum and oleo products, raw materials, and corresponding energy co-products and by-products.


Environmentally and Socially Responsible

Current environmental issues like climate change and social responsibility are the guidelines we use to design programs and trading platforms for many of the petroleum and chemical commodities we formulate and ship both domestically and internationally.

We are passionate and diligent in our research and subsequent activities in providing supplies of environmentally safe energy products. As a result, we are able to deliver excellence to our expanding global network of refineries and end users.


The Creative and the Practical

In addition to our expedited supplier solutions, we offer options for end users looking for energy-rich commodities, products, or co-products. If your company can’t find the chemical or performance product you require, then we will formulate it instead.

The development of co-products or by-products that can be utilized or re-refined into fuels, lubricants, commercial chemical adjuncts, or finished products is a result of our desire to find practical solutions for your fuel or product requirements. Many of these disruptive market formulations are lower in cost but still provide superior measurable performance metrics.

Service Overview

Our success in providing both supply and distribution solutions has allowed us to build relationships with Fortune 500 companies. We also work with many medium- and small-sized companies including the following:

  • Exxon & Mobil

  • Nexeo Solutions

  • BASF

  • Eastman

  • Ascend

  • Duonix Beatrice

  • Albemarle

  • Vantage

  • P&G

  • Taminco

  • Noble

  • Steris

  • Sterigenics

  • Medline

  • C M J Brother’s Corp

  • Moveel Fuel

  • Site Fuel

  • Roche Fuel

  • Shinil Korea

  • Dowring Refinery

  • KD Refinery Korea 

  • LS Networks

  • Chem Solutions

  • Cal Trans

  • Sempra Energy

  • LA Unified School District

  • Posco Vietnam

Freight Options

As a result of our international presence, we are able to offer domestic and international freight options such as 53-foot vans and 20- and 40-foot containers. We also have tanker trucks, ISO tanks, flexi-bags, and a unique, reusable flexi-bag for overseas freight forwarding.


Get in Touch With Us Today

We are successful because we create solutions and dynamics in stagnant markets. Our success is a function of this positive and disruptive market format that we developed. It’s the result of aligning the creative and the practical.

If you are seeking solutions for your energy products, raw materials, or co-products, please contact us. Our more than 30 years of hard-earned industry experience and knowledge in expediting results are beneficial for your business.