A Multifaceted Business Model That Delivers Results

Aligning the creative and practical has allowed American Oil and Chemical Inc. in Paramount, CA to provide the following comprehensive services and products:

Marketers and Traders of Energy Commodities including Naphtha, Kerosene, Gasoline, Diesel Fuels, Petroleum Coke, co-products and by-products such as Used Oil, Distillation and Tank Bottoms, Fuels, Condensates, Solvents, Oleo products and Other Organic and Inorganic Chemicals

Formulation, Manufacture, and Distribution of On-Specification Automotive, Truck, and Industrial Lubricating Oils and Fuels

Custom Formulations of Chemical Performance Products:

- Lubrication and Fuel Additives

- Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF)

- Coolants

- Heat Transfer Fluids

- Hydraulic and Industrial Lubricants

- Gear Oils

- Transmission Fluids

Private Label Manufacturing and Packaging Utilizing State-of-the-Art and High-Speed Filling 
and Packaging Equipment

Comprehensive Lubricant and Coolant Lab Testing Services

Consulting and Compliance Regarding Federal and State Environmental (EPA) and Safety (OSHA)

Consumer Compliance Guidelines and Consultation for Manufacturers and Distributors of Automotive
Lubricants and Coolants

Warehousing and Clearing House for Dead Stock Inventory and Off-Specification Products

Suppliers of Base Oil Stocks, Lubricating, Coolant, and Fuel Additives

Historical Projects

At American Oil and Chemical Inc., we always aim to deliver excellent customer service to our clients. We’re proud to have worked on the following successful projects:

2.1 Million Gallons of Refinery Distillation Bottoms Reformulated to Energy Utilization

3 Million Gallons of Flux By-Products Reformulated for Energy Utilization

1 Million Gallons of Heavy and Light Distillates Reformulated for Fuels

1 Million Gallons of Carboxylic Reformulated to Energy Products

2 Million Gallons of Oleo Products Reformulated to Energy Products

500,000 Gallons of Oleo Products Reformulated to Cement Mold Release Products

5 Million Pounds of Waste Cotton Conversion Into Cotton Fiber Paper Used in the Manufacturing of US Monetary Paper

2 Million Gallons Spent Industrial Glycols Reformulated Into Industrial Coolants

Metal Polishing Compounds Formulated From Sugar- and Fructose-Based By-Products

Recovery and Reformulation of Mixtures of Flush Lubricants and By-Product Lubricant Additives Into On-Specification, Low-Cost Lubricant Additives